10 weeks, 2 days

I know I haven’t posted in over a week but there’s not been very much to report. My symptoms haven’t really changed (although I’m experiencing the need to burp several times an hour) and I was just waiting for my private scan yesterday so I’d have something exciting to report..!

So, I went for the scan first thing yesterday morning and there it was, our little prune (size according to WhatToExpect app). How exciting! We got to see the heartbeat and was told everything looked as it should and there was no cause for concern. However, the sonographer did say that, whilst I thought I was 10w1d based on the first day of my last period, the baby was measuring at 9w1d. I was told this was nothing to worry about and that by the time I have my NHS scan the baby should have caught up. It may also have to do with the position of the baby and I may have ovulated later than I thought – all apparently perfectly normal at this stage. Though of course the doesn’t stop me being concerned as I am, and always will be, a worrier.

I’ve spoken to a couple of friends since the scan who have all said that their dates were completely out for their entire pregnancy and they just went by the first day of their last period and everything was fine – so that’s a comfort at least. They said that each baby has growth spurts at different points in the pregnancy and that nothing is textbook – I really must remember that!

Still, back to our little prune, I was so relieved to see something in there! I thought I’d be emotional, but I didn’t shed a tear..I guess I had been concentrating so much on whether or not something was there that I was just happy everything was ok! Also, it really didn’t look like much more than a jellybean – although it did have one arm stuck out, so you could say it was waving to us!

My NHS scan is on 5th May when, according to my dates, I’ll be 13w exactly – here’s hoping baby has caught up by then!

(P.S. If you’ve had any measurement discrepancy experiences and would like to share, I’d be really interested to know what happened! Please comment)


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