12 weeks, 3 days

So I’m slowly but surely creeping towards the end of this week when my NHS scan will be…I’m still very anxious/nervous. Most people say it’s a blessing to not have many symptoms during early pregnancy and, as much as it’s been an easy ride so far, it does make me uneasy without a constant reminder that there’s a baby growing in there!

I did end up telling my work colleagues after all, at our work meal on Friday night, with the proviso that we’re obviously still waiting for the confirmation that everything is ok later this week. Everyone is happy for us which is great and it’s hard to not be caught up in the joy of it all – but mothers of young children seem to feel the need to tell me every sordid detail about all of their pregnancies, which is great (knowledge is power/forewarned is forearmed, etc) but I can feel that it may grate on me if that’s the only conversations I’ll be having with them for the next six months.

The offers of maternity clothes, clothes for the baby, equipment and toys has been quite overwhelming, so I’ve resolved to thanking people and then telling them I’ll talk to them about it nearer the birth. I do plan to make a list in July/August time of everything we’re going to need and to cross-reference it with what all of our sisters can pass on to us and then figure out what’s left that we’ll need. With five sisters who all have children, plus close friends with little ones, we’re extremely lucky to not have much to get ourselves.

Though to be honest, at this stage, my most pressing issue will be maternity clothes. I did purchase one of those buttonhole things, which means I can still wear my existing jeans, trousers and skirts. That’s the only thing I’ve allowed myself to buy that’s specifically maternity before the scan later this week.

In other news, I’ve managed to not put any weight on throughout my first 12 weeks. This was a quiet goal of mine, as I started this pregnancy overweight so I had no need to gain weight during the first trimester. I haven’t actively tried to lose weight – far from it – I’ve just made more healthy choices, wanting as nutritious a diet as possible for our little plum (size according to WhatToExpect app). I’ve also been eating little and often rather than three larger meals a day but I’m pretty sure the lack of wine has had a lot to do with not gaining weight too!

So, here’s hoping the scan this week will show that everything is progressing nicely and that our squidge is doing alright in there and ready to tackle the second trimester!


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