14 weeks, 3 days

Well, what a crazy week it’s been! It turns out that our baby doesn’t have Down’s Syndrome, however, I do have a protein deficiency which means that the baby might stop growing at around 28 weeks. So the hospital has put me under a consultant who I’m seeing in a couple of weeks and will be giving me additional scans every few weeks from 28 weeks, to keep an eye on the baby’s growth. They’ve said not to worry as it’s something they will be monitoring, so I’m going to try not to think about it much until that 28 weeks scan and then just take each scan as it comes. I’ve also been advised to take a daily 75mg of aspirin to thin my blood slightly, so that it can get through the placenta more easily.

In other (very exciting!) news, I’ve started showing in the last few days! Only a little bit, and my bump seems to be bigger in the evenings, but hopefully I’ll have a lovely little bump in no time! It’s not bloat, as I’ve not felt bloated at all throughout my pregnancy so far, but hopefully the annoying ‘can’t fit into my work trousers but too small for maternity clothes’ phase won’t last too long – thankfully, summer is coming so I can get away with floaty skirts and dresses, rather than restrictive trousers.

The baby is the size of a lemon this week (size according to WhatToExpect app), can’t wait to hear the heartbeat at my midwife appointment on Thursday!


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