15 weeks, 3 days

So, another week has passed and it has not all been plain sailing!

Thursday saw my second midwife appointment, at which she couldn’t find our little one’s heartbeat. She said that under usual circumstances she’d make me come back the following week to see if it could be heard then, as it was still quite early. However, because of the stress of the CVS, etc, last week, she decided to get us referred to the hospital for a scan to ease our worries.

We went to the hospital where a nurse was also unable to find the heartbeat. She made me put a fist under my bum incase I had a tilted uterus, she asked me to ‘flatten’ my skin around my lower abdomen to get closer to the baby and still couldn’t find the heartbeat. So we were told to go and have a cup of tea and come back in half an hour – that was the longest and most stressful cup of tea EVER! When we went back to the Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU), we had a scan and – thankfully – the baby’s heartbeat could clearly be seen beating away. Phew!! I can’t begin to describe the relief and joy that washed over me! Our little orange (size according to WhatToExpect app) was facing us head on, so it’s heart was at the furthest point away, which explains why it couldn’t be heard through the doppler. What an emotional rollercoaster that day was..!!!

Since then, I’ve also booked another midwife appointment, as everything I’d planned to talk to the midwife about at the original appointment had kind of gone out of my mind when the heartbeat couldn’t be found. So my next appointment is exactly a week later, when I’ll be 16 weeks – hope we can hear the heartbeat that time, else we’ll be back to the EPU!

In other news, I’ve started showing this week, which is delightful! I’m just a little bit rounder, can’t wait to have a proper bump and to feel our little one kicking away – my mind will be far less stressed when that happens!


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