16 weeks, 6 days

So, it’s been a lovely week – the loveliest yet actually.

I had my midwife appointment last Thursday, where she was able to find the heartbeat straight away – what an amazing and comforting sound…!

I also saw my consultant for the first time on Monday, which means I got to see the baby again and hear the heartbeat again – I’m actually quite sad that I won’t get to see the baby until my 20 week scan, that’s almost a month away!

However, we have invested in a home doppler (Angelsounds Baby Fetal Doppler, from Amazon) and although it took some getting used to, it’s great! We can hear the baby’s heartbeat whenever we want to, which provides a lot of comfort at the moment as I’m not able to feel the baby moving yet.

In other news, I’ve ‘popped’ over the last few days! I’m properly starting to show which is just wonderful. Having said that, trying on 7 outfits on Friday before going to work cos nothing seemed to fit quite right was completely exhausting!